Elementary Selling Butter Braids
Butter Braids
Posted on 11/12/2018
Dora Elementary, K-6, is selling Butter Braids.  These are yummy braided pastries.  These pastries are a hand-braided pastry filled with fruit and cream fillings.
Butter Braid® pastries comes frozen solid, and you’ll need to plan ahead a little to enjoy it. That’s because the dough has to thaw and rise, and it takes 8-10 hours. It’s completely worth it! If you want a breakfast pastry just set it out on a pan covered loosely with plastic wrap. If you’d rather have it as an after dinner treat, just set it out in the morning!
Contract any Elementary student or teacher to get your today.  These will be great for holiday goodies. 
Orders are due Thursday, November 15th.