Dora Science Team Wins EcoChallange
Science Team Wins
Posted on 02/07/2017

Dora Science Team wins the Air and Climate project

We’re pleased to let Dora know that the Air & Climate winning teams have been posted online. Please check out the page:

The Milky Way, New Mexico

Kirsten, Aaron, Lance, Samuel, Megan
Researchers found that approximately 9 percent of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions in 2014 were attributed to agriculture. Methane makes up 11 percent of the country’s overall greenhouse gases, and raising domestic livestock produces large amounts of methane. The Milky Way and teacher advisor Laura Wilbanks want to reduce methane emissions and improve the diet of dairy cows in their county. They’ve spoken to science classes about their efforts, have published newspaper articles, and have partnered with Cornell University to connect with more than 70 dairies in an effort to test a digestive enzyme for cows that will help reduce methane emissions.