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First day of Pre-School is postponed a couple of days due to construction delays.  They will start August 26th.  

Buyers Club for Dora Students
As in the past, a group of individuals from our community is heading up a Dora Buyer’s Club to help purchase, or at least ensure a good price for, the many Dora students that are selling at the Roosevelt County Fair junior livestock auction on Friday night at 6:00.  The Dora Schools teachers, staff, and community have always contributed at least $1500 to this fund to support our kids and show them that we recognize their efforts.  The money can be turned in today to the office to Gowan Hays, or you can be billed for your contributed amount in the next couple of weeks.  If you will please let Karen Cone know the amount you wish to contribute to help support our kids by Friday morning at 9:00 am, I can let Mike, Sheila, and Kerry know so they can plan appropriately.  Thanks for all you do to help and support our kids, and thanks for supporting them at the Roosevelt County Fair Junior Livestock Auction.   Karen Cone

  August 2015  
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As part of a PreK-12th grade environment, Dora Consolidated Schools prides itself in its family atmosphere and commitment to student achievement. The staff is comprised of strong, experienced teachers, many of whom have lived their entire lives within the local community and are therefore personally invested in seeing the school succeed.
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Dora Consolidated Schools will ensure student success by creating a positive, actively engaging environment that is responsive to each individual student's needs.

Dora Elementary is a 2014 National Blue Ribbon school.  Read more about it at

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